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RCBI: Rochester Center for Brain Imaging


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Conducting research, whether basic or clinical, with a 3T magnet requires a significant investment of time, energy, and resources. For example, a typical functional imaging study requires a considerable amount of training in data analysis techniques and may easily involve 6 or more months of a full-time analysis technician. Any study conducted in the RCBI must fulfill strict safety requirements for all participating personnel. The RCBI will provide all required equipment for brain imaging (e.g., coils) and technical personnel (e.g., MR operator during regular hours), as well as consultation on experimental design and preliminary data analysis. However, for custom applications (e.g., those requiring specialized coils), the user may be required to pay for the necessary hardware recommended by the RCBI. In addition, the user will be responsible for all recruitment and scheduling of human participants (or care and treatment of animal subjects), analysis of data and programming of all stimulus displays and response recording systems.

To obtain access to the RCBI for use of the scanner, the person heading up the project must either be a University of Rochester faculty member (or certified member of a faculty lab group) or a faculty member at a neighboring institution. Any proposed project must be reviewed by the RCBI executive committee (Professors Aslin and Zhong), vetted by a presentation to the larger RCBI user group to receive constructive feedback on experimental design and analysis, have identified funds to pay for the hourly user fees, and have obtained approval (RSRB or UCAR) for human or animal research protocols. Once all of these steps have been fulfilled and all lab personnel have passed a MR safety course, the PI will be provided with key card access, a login to the on-line scheduling calendar, and an account number for charging hourly user fees.